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Palmetto Cash 5 (South Carolina)

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About Palmetto Cash 5 (South Carolina)

  • Game Type:Lottery
  • Days Drawn: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday
  • Participating States:South Carolina

How to Play Palmetto Cash 5 (South Carolina)

Mark five numbers between 1 and 38 in each of the game boards (you can play up to 5 on the one ticket) you wish to play, at a cost of $1 per game. You can either select all the numbers yourself, or opt to have the Quick Pick system automatically select numbers for you.

For an additional $1 per game you can add the Power-Up option, which multiplies any cash prize - including the first prize - you win by either 2 times, 3 times, 4 times or 5 times. The number the prize is multiplied by is determined by a separate draw each game.

Up to 40 consecutive game draws can be played in advance on the one ticket.

Win by:

matching all 5 winning numbers

matching 4 winning numbers

matching 3 winning numbers

matching 2 winning numbers

The first prize in Palmetto Cash 5 is $100,000.