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Pick 4 Evening (New Jersey)

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About Pick 4 Evening (New Jersey)

  • Game Type:Number
  • Days Drawn: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday
  • Participating States:New Jersey

How to Play Pick 4 Evening (New Jersey)

In each of 4 columns numbered 0 to 9, mark 1 number for each game you choose to play (you can play up to 5 on the one ticket), along with your wager for each standard game, which is 50 cents. Or you could opt to use the Quick Pick system to automatically choose your numbers.

You also need to choose a bet type: exact order (Straight), any order (Box), exact order or any order (Straight Box), Front, Back or Middle Pair, or Front 3 or Back 3.

Win by:

Straight: All four digits must match the winning digits in the order they're drawn (e.g. 1234)

4-Way Combination (Box): Your winning numbers have three digits the same in any order (e.g. 1222)

6-Way Combination (Box): Your winning numbers contain two identical pairs, in any order (e.g. 1122)

12-Way Combination (Box): Your winning numbers contain two identical digits, in any order (e.g. 1123)

24-Way Combination (Box): Your numbers contain four unique digits, in any order, in any order (e.g. 1234)

Finally, you need to mark that you're playing the Pick 4 Midday or Evening draw, or Both.

Up to 7 consecutive game draws can be played in advance on the one ticket. The prize for a Straight win is $2,788.