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Play 3 Day (Connecticut)

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About Play 3 Day (Connecticut)

  • Game Type:Number
  • Days Drawn: Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday
  • Participating States:Connecticut

How to Play Play 3 Day (Connecticut)

In each of 3 columns numbered 0 to 9, mark 1 number for each game you choose to play, along with your wager for each game, which can be 50, $1, $2, $3, $4 or $5 on Combo wagers, or 50 cents or $1 for a Straight or Box wager. Or you could opt to use the Quick Pick system to automatically choose your numbers.

You also need to choose a bet type: Straight, Box, Combo or Front, Back or Split Pair.

Finally, you need to mark that you're playing the Play 3 Day or Night draw, or Both.

Win by:

Straight: All three digits must match the winning digits in the order they're drawn (e.g. 123)

3-Way Box: Your numbers have two digits the same with three different combinations to match (e.g. 122)

6-Way Box: Match the three winning numbers in any order

3-Way Combo: Three Straight plays on one ticket, two digits the same with three different combinations to match (e.g. 122, 212, 121). This play costs $1.50 or $3.

6-Way Combo: Gives you all the possible combinations of your three chosen numbers for a Straight win on one ticket. This play costs $3 or $6.

Front Pair - Match the first two numbers in exact order

Back Pair - Match the last two numbers in exact order

Split Pair - Match the first and third numbers in exact order

Up to 7 consecutive game draws can be played in advance on the one ticket. The top prize for a Straight win, wagering $5, is $2,500.